Keep a Record of How You Consume Supplements and Medicines

How do you keep track of your health?  One thing most people overlook is to keep a record of the medicines and supplements they take regularly.  While your doctor may keep a record of prescribed medicines and their strength and frequency, they depend on you to tell them about any over-the-counter medications and supplements you take.  And many folks don’t keep any record of the items they may take regularly.  Nor do they record changes in their amount or strength; things which often affect one’s condition.   Someone who works out diligently may fail to keep a reliable record of the use of supplements or over-the-counter medicines.   If you want to keep track of your health and condition, it is a good idea to keep such a record of how you use the supplements you purchase from Life Extension online using a Groupon promo code.  They carry a complete line of vitamins and minerals, herbals and botanicals as well as skin care products.

One way to keep track of your use of supplements – and to help your doctor or your coach determine their impact upon your conditioning – is by keeping a log that records the supplements you take each day.  This can be done on a paper calendar, a note pad, or on your PC or smartphone.  There are various programs that are specifically designed to record daily activities, or you can design your own using a monthly spreadsheet.  List each item or supplement you take, its strength, the time you take it, and any other pertinent information.  Some use codes for each supplement and link the codes to the detailed information on a master sheet.  This helps you keep a detailed record of each supplement you take.  Such information is invaluable for the physician.  It also gives you an idea of how the supplements affect you over time especially if you try different brands from time to time.  This helps you tell whether you want to increase or decrease strength or frequency to meet your individual needs.  You can adjust your purchases to reflect your personal needs and save up to 70% off when you order them from Life Extensions using Groupon coupons.

Your supplement table and journal can also be expanded to include any regular prescription medications you may take.  It can also be useful when conferring with your doctor, and can help assure that no conflict exists between your supplements and any prescribed medicines you take.