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How to Protect Your Online Business Against Hackers

Starting out an online business requires a lot of pre-planning and work. The pre-planning starts from the step where you need to pick an online business idea for yourself to get started with. Luckily, Bengu Marketing offers huge assistance in that area with it’s awesome and detailed rundown of the top online business ideas. Next, you need to put together bits and pieces to set up your online business. Unfortunately, many people consider it finished once the business is up and running without integrating any security features in their online business. Here are some things you can do enhance the protection of your online business:

How to Protect Your Online Business Against Hackers

  1. Change default passwords and account names set up when your computer system was initially installed. Installing a machine or software just like that without reconfiguring it for security is a standout amongst the most widely recognized security botches that online organizations make, however it’s one that is effectively adjusted. Neglecting to make these improvements makes it simple for hackers to get access since they know or can figure out what these unique settings are.
  2. Update your operating system. Manufacturers provide with security upgrades on a frequent basis. Agree to accept the programmed upgrades that introduce security patches. Hackers frequently are watchful for systems that don’t have the most recent or upgraded protections.
  3. Buy malware and anti-virus software. Malware is utilized as a part of most data breaches. It can be planted onto a PC through spam sites, suspicious messages or unsecure Wi-Fi connections. In the event that the penetration is fruitful, malware can catch login data and keystrokes. Different dangers incorporate email phishing, pop-ups asking for individual data, or access to your social media accounts. The uplifting news is that it’s shockingly simple to ensure your business against malware and infections. Just install anti-virus software. You ought to likewise refresh it consistently, on the grounds that viruses and worms can easily attack outdated software.
  4. Encryption of important information. Sensitive information, for example, financial accounts or worker personal data ought to be encrypted, in light of the fact that this is precisely the sort of data that hackers are searching for. As per Lance Spitzner, of SANS Institute, full-circle encryption instruments, which are standard components for most working frameworks, ought to be used at all circumstances. Information encryption can likewise be utilized for cloud-based based or email platforms.
  5. Educate Employees. As we just mentioned, most cyber-attacks happen through unsecured Wi-Fi connections. In the event that you require using remote systems, you ought to ensure that they have solid passwords. You ought to likewise incapacitate the SSID broadcasting capacity on your switch keeping in mind the end goal to hide your network. Abstain from utilizing WEP systems. Right now, WPA2 is the standard since it offers better security.
  6. Secure your organization’s hardware. This point isn’t usually discussed, but it is of as much importance as the others. In the event that you have put huge amounts of cash in hardware, the most ideal approach to ensure it is by securing it with rack-mounts, bolted rooms, Kensington locks and so on. Moreover, the same can be utilized for cell phones, for example, tablets, portable workstations or cell phones.

Keep your computer safe!

Change always brings about negative or positive effects in society. Increased popularity of computer has placed our society in immense risk of cyber crimes. With the increasing use of computers, virtual crimes are rising too. We store all the essential paper or documents in computers. Hence, the thieves and cheats have found a way to sneak into our computers. These criminal are called hackers, and the crime is known as cyber crime.

Hackers can hack into the computer system taking over all your documents and your information. They can not only use it against you but also commit crimes like transferring funds from one account to another, entering your information for terrorism purposes and stealing contract agreements and changing them to their need without you knowing. Hence, it is significant to have some safety and security measures while logging on to your system to protect an external force from controlling it.

Keep your computer safe!

On the internet you can also buy or sell things; however, this can often turn into a fraud too. If the website is not original, the hackers can quickly take control of your account or your computer. Therefore, if you would like to buy anything, for example, a pellet grill for healthy cooking options, you should use authentic reviewed websites that often lead to the proper information about where to buy the product from, to ensure security for your account.

With hackers constantly on the go, numerous companies have brought about ways to make sure that your system stays safe and provide maximum protection to your system. Here are a few easy ways how you can ensure that your system remains safe from external intrusion.

  1. Install Firewall:

A firewall is used to secure your computer system. You can install a software firewall which guards your software and a hardware firewall which secures your hardware. A firewall is a fundamental step of providing maximum security to your computer. Firewall notifies the user of equipment every time a program comes through the internet and asks the user to verify it. In today majority computers have a firewall already installed in them. However, you have the option to keep it on or off, make sure to keep it on all the time no matter for what purpose you are using your computer to keep yourself safe.

  1. Install an authentic antivirus:

There are several antivirus software available in the market. Make sure you buy the legal software and install it on your computer. Antivirus protects the computer against unknown viruses along with any outside activity that tries to take over your computer. Antivirus also helps in boosting the speed of your personal computer or laptop. Hence it allows you to protect your files from hackers. In addition to that, some antiviruses provide computer updates that are vital since updated computers are less likely to receive viruses.

  1. Install and anti-spyware program:

Spyware is used to collect the personal information of a system illegally. The information can be utilized for various criminal activities and may cause fatal damage. Using an Anti-Spyware program will inform you whenever a third party is trying to collect the personal information of your computer. Anti-Spyware not only detects the threat, but it also collects it and blocks it for ultimate control.

  1. General Security:

Besides installing software, you must also ensure that you stay safe on the internet with general security. Ensure that your passwords are not at all generic or random which is easy to guess. There is a list of common passwords online that hackers might use to access your computer hence make sure that your password is unique and not obvious. Make it as complicated as possible and remember to use different passwords for different e-mail id.

Keep a check on the security of the browser. Browsers sometimes give the option to save your password; this may come in handy if you are the sole owner of the system. However, this increases the chances of hackers getting into your system. Furthermore, it is highly important to keep your cache clear, and your browser history clears all the time. If you follow all the instructions given above, then you are less likely to become a victim of these hackers.

How to Get a Unique Design for Your Software

Many programmers are absolutely brilliant at creating wonderful software.  In fact, a lot of the designed software is of such high benefit that the software transforms technology and the way we do business.  Just take a look at Microsoft Office, for example.  The software was designed by Bill Gates in 1988. Just think for a moment what word processing and spreadsheet planning would have been like without these office packages?  Sure, there are many other office solutions out there but the Microsoft Office collection overshadows all other word processing software by far.  Today there are more apps and software programs available than ever before, especially since smartphones makes it so easy to download, install and use the software.  It is already hard enough to develop software that no one else has created.  It is a lot harder to get a suitable image for your software that will enable people to instantly recognize your software and choose your software above all other apps and programs that also has a fantastic look.

Why a unique and gorgeous design is critical

When people scan trough apps on a play store or read up on software online they will consider everything before they buy.  There are plenty of competitors out there and you can bet that they will choose the best looking app first because it gives the impression that a lot more effort went into developing the software and that the software is worth their money.  The right look for your software can also affect good sales since so many people prefer to use software with a good and beautiful design above plain and average software simply because people are visual creatures and love beautiful things.  A beautiful and unique image is critical because the look of your software will greatly affect t your purchases.

How to Get a Unique Design for Your Software

Get an illustrator to create your designs

The best way to ensure that your software has a unique and great design is by getting a professional illustrator to design something for you from scratch. Stephen Collins is a fantastic illustrator that you can definitely consider for your software’s look and for additional imaging needs within your software.  This illustrator is mostly known for drawing comic strips and for book illustrations but can also create you customized illustration to suit your product or service.  Editorial illustrations, website illustrations, event illustrations, book covers and app logo or icons is no problem for this talented illustrator and writer.

Use your design on all marketing merchandise and adverts

The great thing about using a professional to create your illustration for you is the fact that once designed; you should be able to use the same design for a long time to come.  You can use the design on advertisements, in video ads, on business cards, software disc covers, magazine adverts, articles, reviews and on any social media site so everyone will learn to instantly recognize your software and to help establish a recognized and reputed brand.  Illustrators are also great at creating similar but different designs for different products so your work can be recognized easily even though the software differentiates completely.

How to Protect Your Kids from Misusing the Internet

Technology has brought an extraordinary revolution in our lives. Every person living on the earth has had advantages from the technology. It has ease humans’ lives by sharing their daily burdens. However, the technology does not come up with the benefits only; it embraces several disadvantages as well.

One of the primary problems is teenagers are wasting an enormous time every day surfing different websites and social media platforms. You can say, the technology has made them vulnerable, principally because they are getting ill tremendously. In addition to that, kids keep on uploading the images and videos on the social media all the time. Various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and snap chat have endangered privacy to a great deal. Furthermore, the kids can go on the web and read and watch anything inappropriate. If you have kids who have access to the internet, you must keep an eye on them. There are certain things you can do in this regard:

How to Protect Your Kids from Misusing the Internet

  • Take charge:

The worst thing to do when you have kids who access the internet is not to keep an eagle eye on the web devices they use. You require to take charge and get to know every detail of the things your child searches on the internet. As a parent, you should check his or her mobile phones, computers as well as the laptops of your kids.

Even if it is just about the snap chat app of your children, you need to make certain that you know what your child is posting at all times. Snapchat is an application which is assessable to the public out there. You must keep a check on what your kid is posting on it all the times.

  • Don’t put on a ban:

Putting a prohibition on your kids and not letting them use the internet is the worst thing to do. If you are furious over something and ban your children from using the internet, you would make a terrible mistake. Your kids will go ahead and manage to use the facility of internet. They might visit their friends’ house, an internet café or some other place for this particular reason.

Nowadays, kids know how to make things work better than you do. Therefore, the best way out in this scenario is letting the kids know about the positive and adverse effects of something bad they are up to on the internet. After that convince them to stop doing it. Being harsh and imposing some bans on them will not be a suitable step to do. Rather, it would lead them to think of the negative ways of doing what they want.

  • Block the websites:

Now kids can search anything literally by writing just one word on Google; all the credit goes to the SEO technique. SEO is making the performance of the search engines better and provides the opportunity to the website developers to be there on the front page of the search engines with one click of the mouse.

Numerous SEO consultants are providing these facilities to their customers making it possible for them to be accessible to everyone.  Consultants like make the lives of search engines easier, however, difficult for the parents. Being a parent, you can always block some search engines to make sure that your kids do not find something inappropriate. Moreover, you can block some websites that entail inappropriate material, without letting your children know about it.

Software That Is Specially Designed To Make Property Investments Easy

Commercial property investing is one of the best investment types you can make because it is such a secure market.  The demand for property is becoming higher and higher as our population increases which is giving just about any property owner the ability to earn a good and steady income from rent.  But getting started in property investments is no simple task and managing your commercial property investments accurately is also quite intimidating.  It is also difficult to spot the best business deals and opportunities when you can only see the opportunities that are actually available on the websites of real estate firms.  CrediFi is a software solution that helps entrepreneurs make the best possible decisions when it comes to commercial property investments and makes all of your property and loan managements incredibly easy.

Software That Is Specially Designed To Make Property Investments Easy

Use the CrediFi software to identify the best business deals

CrediFi gives you access to a huge database of commercial property that is up for grabs and gives you additional information that will help you identify the best property with the healthiest future projections.  When you use CrediFi you get instant access to 2.3 million commercial properties that are available.

Use CrediFi to help calculate and plan your long term investment

The CrediFi software helps you determine what you can afford and when you should launch a second property investment by giving you resources that calculate and plan your long term investment so you can maximize your profits and get as much out of the real estate deal as possible.

Use CrediFi to keep track of your loans

The CrediFi software also gives you access to commercial real estate loans data so you can find the best loan firms with the lowest interest rates for your commercial property loans.  With this fantastic software you can easily calculate your payment options and easily get ahold of all of the best and highest rated loan firms without any hassles at all.

Use CrediFi to keep track of your tenants

Another terrific benefit of the CrediFi software is the fact that you can keep a much better eye on your tenants because you will be able to view the signed contracts and cancellation letters as soon as they happen which is great for keeping track of a large number of commercial investments that you might be handling at the same time.

One screen to monitor all your deals

CrediFi is specially designed to make property and especially commercial property investments super easy because you can monitor all of your deals on one screen.  You can view the latest commercial property news, instantly see alerts that can affect your budget and future plans and get all the information you need on the commercial property at hand.  crediFi has a great design and a terrific layout that makes navigating through your investments or planned investments super easy.  You can also use the software to lend money for other investments or to get investors of your own for your own business property.

Online Safety for Children

We all need to be extremely cautious when it comes to the online safety of our children. There is no doubt in the fact that internet and social media have taken over our lives and there’s no escaping it all now. What you can do is take precautionary measures, especially on behalf of your children, to protect them and keep them away from people with wrong intentions.

In a way, Mark Dubowitz is doing just that. He is making every possible effort to keep wrongdoers and people with bad intentions away from this nation. That is why he found Foundation for Defense of Democracies. That is why he put so much effort into the work he did for Sanctions against Iran. He is also a lecturer and senior research fellow at Munk School of Global Affairs at University of Toronto.

Online Safety for Children

Anyways, without further discussion, here are a few of the many steps you can take to ensure your children’s safety online.

  1. Early Internet Use

In an overview of 825 teens and kids between the ages of seven and 16, an international research organization discovered one out of eight parents allowed their kids to use the web from the age of two. Thus, just a single out of 10 make their kids hold up until they are 10 or older than that, as prescribed by experts.

  1. Unsupervised Use

Subsequently, numerous kids are utilizing the web unsupervised at an early age. Research found that more than 71 percent of parents don’t oversee their kid’s internet usage after the age of 14, yet a stunning 72 percent of all missing kids cases that start online include kids who are 15 or older than that.

  1. Hiding Information From Parents

Sadly, paying little mind to parental goals and contribution, the Kidsafe Foundation reports about 32 percent of young people erase or hide their web history from their parents. It is essential for parents to stay alert and updated of what their kids are surfing on the internet. Similarly, 16 percent of teenagers have email or online networking accounts their parents are unaware of. Frequently, kids even lie about their ages to make such accounts on social media, pulling in attention from children who are older than them and even adults.

  1. Sexual Predators

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) reports 15 percent of kids between ages 10 and 17 have been reached by means of the web for sexual intent. It is exceptionally likely a significant number of these people are sexual stalkers. Adults and kids need to utilize similar safety measures online which they do when confronting strangers in real life and face to face. As per the Associated Press, more than 90,000 sexual stalkers have been found and removed by experts from the social networking site MySpace, once prevalent among youngsters. A large portion of these predators have been attempted, indicted, and are currently imprisoned.

  1. Sexual Solicitation

As opposed to mainstream thinking, youngsters and adolescents will probably be approached online by people their own particular age. A majority of these online sexual solicitations are by guys between the ages of 18 and 55. As beforehand expressed, their victims quite often go energetically to meet these predators. Around 26 percent of online sex predators discovered their victim’s correct location and address by utilizing data posted on the victim’s social networking website account.

How to Protect Yourself from Online Scammers

The world of the internet has managed to change the lives of people forever. You find it hard to live a day without checking your social media accounts. Whenever you need to find out some information about a topic that you are interested in, you use search engine sites to find the details you want to know.

From online dating to making various purchases online, the internet has made it easy for a lot of people to do the things that they want. Do you realize that whenever you do something online, you are always at risk?

When the internet was still primitive, scammers were not available yet but as more and more people realized that they can get a lot of money from other people illegally, they have started to research and do complicated methods that will allow them to get all the important details they need to steal the identity of another person.

Even if you are just looking for some home insurance, you can already be a victim of scam if you are not careful. It is likely that you do not realize that anyone can become a victim and this includes you. If you want to get home insurance, it is best to contact a company that is already tried and tested like Alliance and Associates. They can give you information about the things that you need to know about home insurance and you do not have to worry about getting scammed.

How to Protect Yourself from Online Scammers

Here are other things that you can do in order to protect yourself from online scammers:

  1. If there are some pop up windows and some e-mails, do not open them. As long as the subjects are weird and you know that people you know will not send you suspicious e-mails, delete the files that you are getting immediately.
  2. Make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate business. It was mentioned earlier that you only need to check companies that are reputable and are known to be legitimate. Search for the license of the company to be sure with what you will get.
  3. Your personal details should be kept secure. Make sure that the password that you have in your e-mail is hard to guess. It will also help if you could place uppercase and lowercase letters plus numbers if it would be allowed by the website.
  4. Make sure that your gadgets are always secure. One of the reasons why people have access to your various accounts is because they have gotten hold of your gadgets. Try to keep your gadgets in a safe place when you travel. You also need to have an application or software that will close down your phone when it is stolen.
  5. Check if your social media accounts are private. If you have the tendency to share details about your life, even the private ones through your social media sites, screen the friends that you have on your account and check your privacy settings.

With all of these details in mind, it will be easier for you to protect yourself from online scammers.

A Travel Adapter to Use Your Devices on The Go

There is nothing as bad as you are in a new place and your device is off and you can’t charge it despite having a charger. That is why you need a travel adapter. Different countries have different sockets and ways of operation and a travel adapter will help you to charge your device regardless of your location. While you are traveling having charge on your device will help you to stay entertained at the same time will help you to maintain communication if need be. With the era of using Google maps for finding location especially a new location we can all imagine what can happen if our device is off. With the era of apps and doing anything and almost everything through apps, our devices being off will make the trip disastrous. That is why a travel adapter is a necessity when you are traveling abroad.

It is however important to know that the country you might be going to the voltage might not be the same. Some countries have more voltage than others and thus it is important to check deeper to know kind of adapter you have and the amount of voltage used in the country you are going to.

A Travel Adapter to Use Your Devices on The Go

Adapters vs. transformers

Adapters may be confused with transformers and many people think they are the same but the truth is that they are not the same. They are all different and have different functionalities and they can’t be used in place of the other.

An adapter has different plugs to match different outlets. An adapter can be used to charge several devices as it has several ports and you can even charge different devices at the same time. With an adapter you will charge from whatever socket though it does not convert the voltage

A transformer on the other h and as the name suggests it is used to transform voltage. This is especially important if you have a charger that uses a different voltage than the area requirement. In the modern age however the devices have been made with a multi-voltage functionality such that you don’t need a transformer especially for laptops.


There are many adapters in the market that you can get to best suit your needs. It is however important to have all the facts that you need on the country you are going to make sure that you have the right adapter. It is advisable to get an all in one adapter that can serve you many functions at the same time. It is better to get an adapter that has several ports so that you can easily charge several devices at the same time. There are some adapters that have a pin locking mechanism for secure plugin. Adapters are available in many electrical stores including online stores. Good thing is there are user reviews that can also help you in making an informed choice. With an adapter low battery is no longer a threat.

Buying Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops are increasing in popularity. If you are on a budget and you need a good laptop maybe you can opt to reuse old laptops.  Reusing an old laptop or refurbishing is not only environment friendly but it is also very important.  There are companies that refurbish laptops while there are merchants or individuals who refurbish laptops as well. It is due to that reason that you can get laptops with better specification than the new version of the same new laptop and at a great price.

With refurbished laptops you can get your dream brand laptop with great specifications which make it very powerful and still at a great price. Buying a new laptop is still a better option in some cases but if you are on a budget, refurbished laptops may be the route to take so that you get more for less. At the same cost a refurbished will have way great features and a new laptop less features while at the same price.

In order to get a good laptop however, it is better to go for a well-known brand, as you will be sure of the quality build and after sales support. If you buy from an individual it might be hard to get a guarantee and after sales support. There are those who prefer buying from a nearby merchant they know so that in case of any problem they can always run to the store for support. It all depends on your preference.

Buying Refurbished Laptops

There are many budget laptops that you can get that have great specifications at a great price.  Refurbished laptops come in a range of prices so it depends on your budget. Even at just $100 you can get a refurbished with great features. Some of the best refurbished laptops under $100 include:

Apple MacBook MB881LL/A 13.3-inch

Well the MacBook is a laptop that is loved by many since Apple is a strong brand. As much as many would love to have it, it is not affordable to all and even if it’s affordable to get a new one with great feature will have to part with quite an amount.  Normally you need about $1000 and above to get a good new laptop, but you can get a refurbished one at a fraction of the price and the good news is that you can even get one under $100, yes under $100. Apple has refurbished the Apple MacBook MB881LL/A which is a 2009 version with great specs. The only difference with the refurbished version is modern aluminum was used in place of white polycarbonate. Some of its specifications include:

It comes with DD2 2GB ram which is okay for normal performance functions, but can still be upgraded. Has NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics card which is great for gaming.

Intel Core2 Duo P7350 2.0GHz

NVidia GeForce 9400M

4.5 hours battery life

Weight of 5lbs

Its limitations include:

Poor battery life

120 GB HDD is small and might need upgrading

Has an older hardware which may not work well with new intensive apps.

Limited to older Mac OS X versions

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 14.1-inch

Lenovo has been known for a long time to produce the Think pad series which is a business laptop series. The T61 is among the first versions of the Think pad series. Even though it looks old school, it has a solid build with a black matte finish which makes it feel high quality. The latest laptops in the ThinkPad series have the same look only that they are slimmer in size and improved features.  This is basically just a laptop for basic use for those who don’t need to do complicated stuff on the laptop. It has okay specifications and runs on windows 7. There is however some features that can be upgraded for better user experience. Some of the specifications of the Lenovo ThinkPad T61 14.1-inch include:

Has a 14.1 inch wide screen with a screen resolution of 1,440 x 900. Good thing with the screen is that it is non-glossy and thus one can watch at different angles.

A weight of 5 pounds

2.5 hours long battery life

Processor of core 2 duo T7300 at speeds of 2 GHz

2GB ram

80GB HDD hard drive

Acer Aspire One AO1-431-C8G8 14-inch

Even though it is slightly higher than $100 it may still fall under the $100 range category since it gives value for money.  It is an amazon refurbished laptop that comes with a 90 day warranty. It can be used as an alternative to cheap chrome books and entry level tablets as it has features and specs that are similar windows 10 tablets.  Its only limitation however is that is non-upgradable and the screen resolution feels low quality. Some of the features of the Acer Aspire One AO1-431-C8G8 Include:

Intel Celeron N3050 with speeds 1.60 GHz

Intel HD Graphics


32GB of eMMC flash memory but can be expanded

Has a hardware that is tablet based and thus comes with a fanless system for temperature and noise control

Have a screen size of 14 inches with anti-glare feature and a screen resolution of 1366×768

Comes with useful inbuilt cloud apps

8hr battery life

Windows 10 Home

Weight of 3.46 lbs. which is very light weight

Dell Latitude E6400

The Latitude E 6400 was released as an upgrade to the latitude D630 which lacked many features as a business laptop. The E6400 is a superior with better hardware and design. It has a body made of sturdy magnesium alloy with a brushed aluminum finish which makes it appear stylish though heavier due to the solid metal construction. It has a keyboard that is backlit with big keys but without a separate number pad. Some of its other features:

Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 2.26GHz

Intel GMA X4500 HD Shared


80GB 5400 RPM HDD

14.1 inch, 1280 x 800 pixels (TN)

Windows 7 Professional

3.5 hours battery life

Has a Weight of 6.6 lbs.

E-SATA external connector

HP Probook 6450B

The HP Probook range is very common among business users. Since HP is a strong brand and a new one may be expensive, one can still get a refurbished one at a cheaper price. The HP Probook 6450B is a refurbished version from 2010 but with great features. It however does not come with an inbuilt camera and thus to use Skype and other apps that may need a webcam one might need to buy a separate webcam.  Some of its features may include:

Intel Core i3-350M at 2.26GHz

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Shared

2GB DDR3 RAM that is upgradable


14 inch, 1366 x 768 pixels (TN)

Windows 7 Professional and if you need to upgrade to windows 10 you will need additional ram for smooth running of the machine

4.75 hours battery life

Has a weight of 5.31 lbs.

Fingerprint reader

Older hardware that may not run well with new intensive apps

Have two USB ports

Dell Latitude D620

The Dell Latitude D620 is one of the best laptops that were made in the Latitude range. It was made with business people from the upmarket in mind with special consideration on the quality build. It works well with windows XP just for basic usage. Since it is an old model, it also does not come with an inbuilt camera and a wireless option. It also has only a single speaker which may pose as an inconvenience to some people. It still has very many great features that are worth looking into and they include:

Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz]

Intel GMA 900 Shared


80GB 5400 RPM HDD

14.1 inch, 1280 x 800 pixels (TN)

Windows XP professional

3.25 hours battery life

Has a weight of 5.1 lbs.

Solid build quality

Good keyboard

Cheap replacement parts

Dell Latitude D430

The D430 is one of the older ultra-book notebooks that were introduced by Dell as a business laptop. Even though it is not as ultra slim as the latest modern designs, it is still very thin and light weight with a strong magnesium alloy build to give it a quality build. It has an entry level performance that is best for basic functions. Some of the features of the Dell D430 include:

Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 1.2GHz processor

Intel GMA 950 Shared


80GB 5400 RPM HDD though the system files takes up 20GB

12.1 inch, 1280 x 800 pixels (TN) although it does not support 16:9 aspect ratio that is common in monitors nowadays

Windows XP upgradable to windows 7

6 hours battery life

Has a weight of 3.1 lbs.

Good port selection


Good quality build

Some of the limitations of the laptop however are: that it does not come with a webcam, it has no wireless option, and it has an older hardware that can only functions basic tasks, no optical drive, poor speakers that are not loud, and it runs hot at times.

Apple iBook M9165LL/A

Even though the Apple iBook M9165LL/A is an old laptop in the apple series, it is still a preferred option for basic tasks. Apple does not disappoint in design as it comes with a white case and curved design. It is equipped with a simple operating system of Mac OS X which is the easiest to use. The fact that it is old and still on demand can tell you about the quality of the product though it cannot run advanced applications. It is best suited for kids or those who want to do the simple basic tasks. Some of its features include:

PowerPC 7457 (G4) 1GHz

AMD Radeon 9200 shared


4200rpm HDD


14.1 inch, 1024 x 768 pixels (TN)

Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger though it can run on the latest Mac OS X

Has a weight of 5.9 lbs.

DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive


Dell Latitude D60 14-inch

This is one of the Dell laptops that have been in the market for a long time. Even though it comes with an old Intel Centrino processor, it can still handle many light tasks. Due to the fact that it has a small ram of 1 GB it means that it cannot perform heavy functions. It is a great laptop for kinds and some of its features include:

Intel Pentium M 760 with speeds of 1.73 GHZ

AMD Radeon X300 Dedicated

1GB DDR2 Ram

40GB 5400 RPM HDD

Windows XP professional

4.5 hours battery life

Has a weight of 4.67 Lbs.

Some of its limitations include: small ram of 1 GB, no wireless N, small storage drive, no webcam and low single core processor.


There are many refurbished laptops in the market though there are also many second hand laptops that are not refurbished. To make sure you end up with the right refurbished laptop, it is good to know the specification details that you are looking for or that are more important for you. This is because you can get a laptop with whatever specification you are looking for. A good refurbished laptop especially a company refurbished laptop will come with the specifications and conditions of the laptop written down which will help you in decision making. It is also important to get warranty or guarantee if there is any because despite the attention that might have been given in re making the laptop, there is still chance that an accident or something may happen to the laptop. With a warranty you are sure who is liable for replacements or repair in case anything goes wrong with the laptop. The cost of the laptop is also an important consideration, it should be within your budget and should give you value for money. There are companies that specifically just deal with refurbished laptops and they may give you guidance in case you are not sure of what you want. Reading user reviews and forums can also help as a guideline in choosing of a refurbished laptop so that you end up with the best.

Protecting Your Online Identity Effectively

Over the past years, more and more people have become victimized by people who have gotten their identity through their transactions online. When people encounter online identity theft, they tend to lose a lot of things like their banking information, their usernames in the different websites that they log in to and all information about their identification cards. It can be quite a nightmare.

There are still millions of people who get their identity stolen every year and you do not want to become just one of those who will become attacked. You need to know what to do so that you can keep your identity intact.

Casino Online

Various transactions can be done online. You can get paid for the work that you have done online. You can also do online shopping from various stores. Playing casino games online can also be one of the things that people do to become entertained. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you play at Bitcoin Casino. You know that this is a trusted website that will allow you to play various Bitcoin games without issues at all. The best part about this is all of the games that you are going to play is enjoyable. It also helps that you do not have to worry about your identity being stolen when you play at this online.

There are other key steps that you can do in order to protect your identity even further no matter what website you are browsing through:

  1. Make sure that your security software is up to date. You may have different anti virus software checkers installed on your device but if they are not up to date, you will not be protected enough. Always update and you will reap the benefits in the long run.
  2. Do not go to websites that are known for scams. If a website has been reported so many times for scams, you have to be informed about it. Otherwise, it can be a big problem for you. Admittedly, a lot of these websites look legitimate when you check them out for the first time but further research will give you the information that you need.
  3. Keep your passwords strong. There is a good reason why you need to think about your passwords before you input them in any website. If you make your password easy to understand or if you let other people know about your password, then you become a more likely victim of identity theft.
  4. Check the privacy settings of all your social media accounts. There are some scammers who are able to scan your identity depending on your privacy settings. If you show too much to the world and you show what kind of amazing lifestyle that you have, they will see you as a likely victim of their scam. The less that you share with the public about the actual amount of money that you have, the better.

With all of these key steps in mind, you will be on your way to protecting yourself against identity theft.