Protecting Against Medical Identity Theft

You might have heard of the term ‘identity theft’ in terms of financial situations, however, this is also happening now in the medical world. This is something that occurs when another person’s insurance information or name is used on order to get treatment, surgery or prescription drugs. This also occurs when corrupt people within the healthcare industry use a patient’s information and sends false bills to their insurance companies. As is obvious, this has become a huge issue for both the patients and the healthcare providers. So, is there a way to prevent identity theft or to reduce the chances of it occurring?

Protecting Against Medical Identity Theft

Protecting against it

Of course you can. You can always begin by spreading awareness and by providing them with brochures that would explain how such a medical identity theft would happen and how it’s different from the traditional form of identity theft. There are also ways to recover from such a theft if one becomes a victim of such a scenario. Additionally, these brochures are available in both Spanish and English, which would make it easier for non-native English speakers to understand.

There are also specific requirements in order to reduce the chances of medical identity theft from occurring. These have been issued by the HIPAA, which is also known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. One way to do that, for instance, would be by making sure why any person would require confidential information regarding the patient and what use this information would be put to.

Additionally, since information nowadays is all stored as data, it has become even more risky and the need for proper protection for such devices has become crucial. MedInformatix, for instance, is a company that specializes in providing IT solutions for the medical sector, and so, they provide different solutions that will ensure that all the data is safe and secure and properly password protected, thus preventing any theft from occurring. If you want to learn more about MedInformatix or the products/services that they offer, go here.

Helping the victims

Although protection is always better than cure, there are times when that alone isn’t enough. So how do you deal with patients who have already become victims of such a scenario? Patients, in this scenario, have the absolute right to take a look at their own information. If they do realize that their rights have been violated and that there has been a case of an identity theft, the patient can always complain and there are organizations that deal with such cases, so there would be someone to come to their help.

You should also encourage your patient to keep a close eye on how their information is being used by the thief. It is only obvious that the person who stole your patient’s identity would be exploiting it, and if one keeps proper records of these activities, they can later be removed or corrected.

There are many other things that you can do and there are also many more things to learn about medical identity theft. For more information, go to