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Keep your computer safe!

Change always brings about negative or positive effects in society. Increased popularity of computer has placed our society in immense risk of cyber crimes. With the increasing use of computers, virtual crimes are rising too. We store all the essential paper or documents in computers. Hence, the thieves and cheats have found a way to sneak into our computers. These criminal are called hackers, and the crime is known as cyber crime.

Hackers can hack into the computer system taking over all your documents and your information. They can not only use it against you but also commit crimes like transferring funds from one account to another, entering your information for terrorism purposes and stealing contract agreements and changing them to their need without you knowing. Hence, it is significant to have some safety and security measures while logging on to your system to protect an external force from controlling it.

Keep your computer safe!

On the internet you can also buy or sell things; however, this can often turn into a fraud too. If the website is not original, the hackers can quickly take control of your account or your computer. Therefore, if you would like to buy anything, for example, a pellet grill for healthy cooking options, you should use authentic reviewed websites that often lead to the proper information about where to buy the product from, to ensure security for your account.

With hackers constantly on the go, numerous companies have brought about ways to make sure that your system stays safe and provide maximum protection to your system. Here are a few easy ways how you can ensure that your system remains safe from external intrusion.

  1. Install Firewall:

A firewall is used to secure your computer system. You can install a software firewall which guards your software and a hardware firewall which secures your hardware. A firewall is a fundamental step of providing maximum security to your computer. Firewall notifies the user of equipment every time a program comes through the internet and asks the user to verify it. In today majority computers have a firewall already installed in them. However, you have the option to keep it on or off, make sure to keep it on all the time no matter for what purpose you are using your computer to keep yourself safe.

  1. Install an authentic antivirus:

There are several antivirus software available in the market. Make sure you buy the legal software and install it on your computer. Antivirus protects the computer against unknown viruses along with any outside activity that tries to take over your computer. Antivirus also helps in boosting the speed of your personal computer or laptop. Hence it allows you to protect your files from hackers. In addition to that, some antiviruses provide computer updates that are vital since updated computers are less likely to receive viruses.

  1. Install and anti-spyware program:

Spyware is used to collect the personal information of a system illegally. The information can be utilized for various criminal activities and may cause fatal damage. Using an Anti-Spyware program will inform you whenever a third party is trying to collect the personal information of your computer. Anti-Spyware not only detects the threat, but it also collects it and blocks it for ultimate control.

  1. General Security:

Besides installing software, you must also ensure that you stay safe on the internet with general security. Ensure that your passwords are not at all generic or random which is easy to guess. There is a list of common passwords online that hackers might use to access your computer hence make sure that your password is unique and not obvious. Make it as complicated as possible and remember to use different passwords for different e-mail id.

Keep a check on the security of the browser. Browsers sometimes give the option to save your password; this may come in handy if you are the sole owner of the system. However, this increases the chances of hackers getting into your system. Furthermore, it is highly important to keep your cache clear, and your browser history clears all the time. If you follow all the instructions given above, then you are less likely to become a victim of these hackers.

How to safely install software on your mobile phone

Mobile phones are expensive and it certainly isn’t fun to install a corrupt program and have to deal with a phone that doesn’t work properly. It is actually better to know what we install and to make sure we install software that is compatible and tried and tested. We don’t know why they do it but unfortunately there are those individuals that create corrupt software for malicious reasons and it really sucks to be one of the unlucky few that have to deal with the problem of installing malicious software. It is hard to verify and trust the source of downloads if we are not using application stores. Click here to take a look at some of the worst mobile phone viruses.

How to safely install software on your mobile phone

First of all it is important to note that once we give out our administration password to an installer we are actually giving permission for any changes to be made which can include changes to firmware. By verifying the installer we make sure that we have access to great software that won’t harm our phones. While you are checking for the best quality software you might as well check out one of the best quality buys for your Iphone 6 at https://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Battery-Replacement-Kit-Adhesive/dp/B01JMSAIFC/ . This great purchase includes a battery replacement kit with a repair kit included. This is great maintenance tools to have and will give your phone a longer lifespan. It is reasonably priced and will give you the opportunity to do some maintenance on your phone without having to pay a professional. Many people find do it yourself kits rather useful as paying for a phone repair could cost a lot and you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of having to wait for your phone to be fixed.

A great way to find out if you are installing a reliable software program is by reading reviews from other users. People are usually pretty outspoken with reviews and you will be able to find out if there are any issues with the software that you are installing. Whether it is software that contains viruses or just a lot of malware you will find honest opinions on various software forums. This is a great way to avoid getting slowed down by the wrong installation. Click here to find information about the best software for your phone. Make sure you stick to websites that are original and as a best bet you may want to choose your phone manufacturer’s site.  Make sure you pay attention to any warnings that you automatically receive on your phone because with an updated antivirus or operating system you will be informed if you are about to install something harmful.  Your phone is an asset and yes there will be a newer model out in no time but make sure you take care of what you have by avoiding malicious software installations and rather paying for full version software so that you always get the best of the features your phone has to offer.