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10 Best Stock Market Software Programs

So you want to start playing the stock market?  Well you won’t be making a mistake.  Stock trading is one of the best ways to earn extra money on the sideline and many stock traders later transform this sideline job into a full time position.  A lot of stock market experts enjoy great financial freedom by just playing the stock market and this is the one type of business that you can enjoy from a tender age all the way through to your senior years since there is no actual physical labor involved in playing the stock market.

10 Best Stock Market Software Programs

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Steady Options is a terrific site where you can learn to play the stock market.  They offer great trading educational programs that will help you understand the basics of stock trading and strategies, straddle option, calendar spread, options strategies, portfolio strategies and much more.  This is the perfect place to start your journey in the stock market and to get good and continuous advice to expand your understanding and ability to play the stock market.

Top 10 stock market software programs

Stock market software programs enable you to play the stock market but this alone is not enough to get you the outcome that you are looking for.  You also need to study up on the exact function and methods of that particular software program and you need to be familiar with the best trading strategies.  Here are the top 10 stock market software programs to consider for stock trading;

  1. Option Net Explorer – This software doesn’t just give you a good trading platform to work from but also teaches you how to do stock trading and gives you a trial run.
  2. MetaStock – This stock platform has global market access, expert advisors, and a fantastic forecasting system to help you out.
  3. TC2000 – This is one of the best stock platforms and can definitely be considered if you want good profits.
  4. Optuma – This platform helps you target professional traders and the business market but you will need a good PC to manage all the features.
  5. QuantShare – This software program gives you real-time news, real-time scanning and streaming quotes and is a good trading platform.
  6. TradeStation – This platform is recommended for broker integration and is superb for frequent traders.
  7. StockTouch – You can monitor the stock market in real time with initiative market data and stocks are sorted alphabetically for your convenience.
  8. TradeHero – This learning app is wonderful for practicing trading in a safe and low risk environment. The app also makes everything much more convenient since you can run it on your phone.
  9. AbleTrend Trading Software – This is for software traders around the world and is a terrific trading system that includes a 30 day trial that you can use to get things into motion.
  10. Telechart 2000 – This platform is recommended for US investors and is a superb system because it works on so many different electronic devices.