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How The Right Hosting Solution Can Secure Your Ecommerce Store’s Future

It is important to build your website and especially ecommerce store on a solid foundation.  Ecommerce stores usually contain a lot of sensitive client information such as account details.  If the account details of your clients fall into the hands of hackers they can all fall victim to account hacking or even identity theft.  Your company can also be robbed if hackers can get access to your secure ecommerce details.  The ultimate way to secure your website and ecommerce stores and to enable you to be more flexible as your company grows is to get a good hosting solution.

How The Right Hosting Solution Can Secure Your Ecommerce Store’s Future

The risks of bad hosting

There are plenty of risks involved in getting a cheap and bad hosting service provider.  Some of the top risks are;

  • You are making all your clients vulnerable to account hacking and identity theft by giving hackers a way to access their personal information.
  • You are putting your own company at risk from hackers that can get into your private information much easier.
  • With a bad hosting company your site can experience frequent down time.
  • Bad hosting will also result in a slow performing site and the more content you have on your site, the worse your speed will be.
  • When a website is too slow, you can easily start to lose clients because internet users are incredibly impatient with slow websites.

Why managed hosting is best for your online presence

When you get managed hosting or Europe VPS hosting for your site, all the hard work is done for you because the hosting company will manage everything on your behalf.  They will ensure that your site is always up and running, they will ensure that your site performs as fast as possible, ensure that your site is secure against hacking and they have terrific service protocols to assist you with any query that you may have.

Different types of hosting options

Different websites and ecommerce stores will require different hosting solutions.  It is important to get the right solution for your company so you can perform as best possible.  The top four managed solutions for you are;

Clusters – Clusters are for large companies that get millions of views on a monthly basis.  The clusters provide the needed space for large quantities of clicks and views without affecting the speed and performance of your site.

Dedicated servers – Dedicated servers are a must for ecommerce stores because they are much more secure than shared hosting solutions.

Cloud VPS – This solution is terrific for Windows and Linux users.

Shared hosting – Shared hosting is not the best choice for ecommerce stores because other people are sharing your hosting space with you.  It is however a great start for small companies that simply cannot afford a dedicated server or that does not quite receive enough high volume traffic to run on clusters.

Expand any way you like with a good hosting service provider

One of the top benefits of using a hosting service provider is the fact that your company can grow and expand more smoothly since the hosting packages are mostly customizable and can be altered according to your growing needs.