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The Truth about Flash Websites

If you have been considering creating a flash website, you need to know the truth about them. While there are certainly a good deal of pros, there are also numerous cons. Since Flash is a multimedia platform, it allows you the joy of including animation, interactivity, and videos. But, there are drawbacks to putting all your eggs in the Flash basket.

We don’t want you to confuse Flash, the platform, with a flash file. Flash files are often associated with data like that from Micromax smart devices. Flash documents are utilized with them and that makes functionality better. But, we’re not talking about flash files, we’re talking about Flash the platform.

The Truth about Flash Websites

The Truth about Flash Websites

So, if you are still with us on that, keep reading to learn everything you will need to know about determining whether or not a Flash website is for you.

Is a Flash Website Right for Me?

You have probably seen a lot of Flash usage in online games and advertising content. It is a pretty common method. But, how do you know if a Flash website is right for you? It is an excellent question and worthy of further consideration. So, here are the pros about creating a Flash website:

  • Compatible across browsers– Cross browser compatibility is not a problem because Flash is browser independent. There are no worries about HTML and CSS codes being misinterpreted.
  • Special fonts are replaced by images– Flash equivalents can replace text elements.
  • Very interactive- Since it is vector-based, it supports video, animation, and audio with great interactivity.
  • Animation is a great way of expression– Animations done in Flash are created in smaller files. This makes expression more attractive and efficient. Learn more.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t share with you the cons of this option as well. So, here they are:

  • Plugins are required– If a user doesn’t have the plugin installed on his/her device the Flash elements won’t function.
  • Impaired usability and accessibility– Scaling font size is nearly impossible. And sometimes the back and forward buttons won’t work on the browser. Extra code has to be included to ensure this issue doesn’t occur. And, if the whole thing is not properly coded, you can rest assured that it won’t function properly for most users.
  • Flash can’t be read by most mobile devices– So many of the mobile devices on the market don’t display websites that are based on Flash. That means all the potential mobile users who might land on your site will be prevented from accessing all its features. Read this.
  • Longer load times– Because Flash content takes longer than normal HTML content to load, you run the risk of people leaving the site. Basically, even if you have a phenomenal website, if users can’t get it to load, they won’t hang around to wait to see what you have to offer.
  • Search engine previews don’t display Flash– Although this issue has mostly been eradicated, there is still the chance that a user won’t be able to preview your site prior to clicking. If they can’t see anything chances are, they will go somewhere else. Updated information can be found here.

Given the cons, you are going to have to ask yourself if you really want to take the risk of creating a Flash heavy website. Will it be worth it to you in the end?