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Reasons for Patenting Your Inventions

When a person makes an invention, the last thing that they would want is someone stealing their idea and presenting it as their own, or making money from it as their own. For this reason, it is important for people to patent their inventions, no matter how insignificant they might seem, because one day you might be surprised to find that it is worth millions of dollars. In this article, we are going to browse through some of the reasons for patenting your inventions.

Reasons for Patenting Your Inventions

Reasons for Patenting Your Inventions

Exclusive rights

When you file a patent application, you will have exclusive rights to your invention for the next 20 years from the date of application.

Strong market position

When your invention is patented, other people can’t use it to benefit commercially, and this means that there is reduced competition and you can establish your business as the pre-eminent player.

Higher returns on investments

Your company can have a higher return on investments for your creation since you have the exclusive rights.

Opportunity to license or sell the invention

A person can choose to exploit the patent by selling it or licensing the rights to other people, and this can be a great source of income.

Increase in negotiating power

You will have a higher bargaining power with your patent if your company is trying to get the rights to use another patent. This is because your patent could also be of interest to the other party.

Positive image for your enterprise

Patent portfolios can be perceived as demonstrations of great expertise by business partners, investors and shareholders, making it easier for you to raise funds, find business partners and raise your company’s market value.

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