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Data Breach Management for Consumers

The primary contributing factor for a strong consumer-organization relationship is trust. Consumers trust the organization to deliver what they promised as well as to keep their personal information safe. With the advent of cloud computing, data storage capacity for these organizations has become endless. Every day we reach out to the electronic world through social media sites, emails, search engines and online shopping sites. These sites collect our information to serve their own goals and purpose.

Nevertheless, what happens if this data is stolen? If you do discover that your personal information has been stolen, chances are your information will be misused in one way or the other. It, however, does not necessarily mean that your identity has been stolen because of the new encryption technology. However, it is still better to prepare for the worst and take the following precautionary steps:

Data Breach Management for Consumers

Freeze your credit reports immediately:

Freezing your credit report means you are inhibiting a credit-reporting agency from releasing your information with your exclusive approval. This ensures no hacker can use this information to be approved for loans, credits, and other such services.

To do so, you must immediately send a request to any such agency in writing or mail or through any other certified method. The freeze will take place within three business days, and the company will send you written confirmation while providing you with a unique PIN or password for verification purposes.

Moreover, you can temporarily lift the freeze by sending a request in written or electronic form. There are fees for these services which may add up to 5$, but if you are a victim of identity theft, then these services are free.
Monitor credit reports:

The next step is to monitor all credit reports carefully. Any unauthorized account activity can be suspicious and should be reported immediately. Don’t forget to check for any requests for your personal information from the agencies as this might be an indication of someone trying to steal your identity. If any such activity remains unchecked, this could result in identity theft. If you observe such actions, contact your local law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.
Place a Fraud Alert:

A fraud alert makes it tougher for the identity thief to open new accounts in your name, thus ensuring that you will be notified of any such activity immediately. Contact your agency to place an alert. You can put it initially for 90 days, and it may further be renewed every 90 days. These alerts can be canceled anytime.

In the case of identity theft, if you provide a valid police report you can even avail an extended seven-year alert.

Do not give out your Personal Information:

Do not give out any personal information to people over the phone or email unless you are sure they can be trusted.

In case of personal injury:

In case, any of the information leaked was highly personal like unwanted pictures, voice messages, lost data, et cetera that can result in personal injury, loss of property, job or other such assets, you should contact personal injury attorneys like Yelton, Farfour & Bridges. They can help you receive the compensation you deserve to cover any bills or lost wages that the lost data have incurred. An example could be if any information from a social media website like pictures or post that indicate when you are home or how you commute has been leaked to or sold to potential burglars. They could injure you in the process of robbing you.

In any such case, it can leave a significant impact on the victim. Thus, it is tough for them to handle such a situation. This is why it is recommended to hire professionals who can help you sort out all the necessary documentation work as well as interview all the witnesses required to help you obtain the compensation. Such cases are hard to handle and usually take years to manage, so a personal injury attorneys provide you with a chance to heal yourself emotionally and physically while they do all the work for you. Furthermore, they provide services to any other personal injury that might occur due to medical malpractice or on some one’s property.