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How to Get a Unique Design for Your Software

Many programmers are absolutely brilliant at creating wonderful software.  In fact, a lot of the designed software is of such high benefit that the software transforms technology and the way we do business.  Just take a look at Microsoft Office, for example.  The software was designed by Bill Gates in 1988. Just think for a moment what word processing and spreadsheet planning would have been like without these office packages?  Sure, there are many other office solutions out there but the Microsoft Office collection overshadows all other word processing software by far.  Today there are more apps and software programs available than ever before, especially since smartphones makes it so easy to download, install and use the software.  It is already hard enough to develop software that no one else has created.  It is a lot harder to get a suitable image for your software that will enable people to instantly recognize your software and choose your software above all other apps and programs that also has a fantastic look.

Why a unique and gorgeous design is critical

When people scan trough apps on a play store or read up on software online they will consider everything before they buy.  There are plenty of competitors out there and you can bet that they will choose the best looking app first because it gives the impression that a lot more effort went into developing the software and that the software is worth their money.  The right look for your software can also affect good sales since so many people prefer to use software with a good and beautiful design above plain and average software simply because people are visual creatures and love beautiful things.  A beautiful and unique image is critical because the look of your software will greatly affect t your purchases.

How to Get a Unique Design for Your Software

Get an illustrator to create your designs

The best way to ensure that your software has a unique and great design is by getting a professional illustrator to design something for you from scratch. Stephen Collins is a fantastic illustrator that you can definitely consider for your software’s look and for additional imaging needs within your software.  This illustrator is mostly known for drawing comic strips and for book illustrations but can also create you customized illustration to suit your product or service.  Editorial illustrations, website illustrations, event illustrations, book covers and app logo or icons is no problem for this talented illustrator and writer.

Use your design on all marketing merchandise and adverts

The great thing about using a professional to create your illustration for you is the fact that once designed; you should be able to use the same design for a long time to come.  You can use the design on advertisements, in video ads, on business cards, software disc covers, magazine adverts, articles, reviews and on any social media site so everyone will learn to instantly recognize your software and to help establish a recognized and reputed brand.  Illustrators are also great at creating similar but different designs for different products so your work can be recognized easily even though the software differentiates completely.

Tips for securely selling software online

It has become quite a popular trend to sell software and services online but the question on every entrepreneur’s mind is where do I begin? It is important to note that you will be selling your software programs in a very competitive market and that there are steps that you would need to take to really make an impact. Unfortunately with the internet available to anyone it is also important to consider the scammers out there and that you would need to take precautionary measures to make sure your software and services are marketed securely.

Make use of the cloud for storage and hosting simply because it is safer and more reliable than any in-house operation that you might want to set up. Cloud storage has come at a time when we need it the most simply because we will be saving precious time and money by using this method. The most important benefit of the cloud is that you aren’t open to as much risk when it comes to your important files and information. It takes a few minutes to set up and takes away the headache of installing servers and other systems. Click here to read more about the benefits of cloud storage.

Tips for securely selling software online

Do a Beta test. This is incredibly important because you don’t want to sit with a software product that is not going to sell. Make the simplest version of your product available and get feedback. This will help you to do the necessary improvements on your existing product in order to deliver the best possible version to your target market. Take time to research your options and also take a look at what competitors are offering. You need to find the X factor in your product.

Get help from the specialists like the software marketing guru, Stephen Collins. You will be able to get valuable tips on how to successfully get your product out there and which market to target when selling your first versions. There are many websites that offer you information but Stephen is definitely a good person to start with as he has been there and done it with many successful chips on his shoulder. Learning from the experts will always put you one step above your competitors as it is important to note that you are never too old to learn.

If you are part of a small company you might want to consider a free trial or a free version of your software that gives your prospective clients a taste of what you have to offer. It is known that many clients that start with a free version usually upgrade their product to enjoy full benefits. This is just a great way to tap into the market and to get people interested. Most large and popular companies started with a free version and got the interest of large groups of people. People love free stuff and that includes software. Click here for cheap ways to market your product.