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A Travel Adapter to Use Your Devices on The Go

There is nothing as bad as you are in a new place and your device is off and you can’t charge it despite having a charger. That is why you need a travel adapter. Different countries have different sockets and ways of operation and a travel adapter will help you to charge your device regardless of your location. While you are traveling having charge on your device will help you to stay entertained at the same time will help you to maintain communication if need be. With the era of using Google maps for finding location especially a new location we can all imagine what can happen if our device is off. With the era of apps and doing anything and almost everything through apps, our devices being off will make the trip disastrous. That is why a travel adapter is a necessity when you are traveling abroad.

It is however important to know that the country you might be going to the voltage might not be the same. Some countries have more voltage than others and thus it is important to check deeper to know kind of adapter you have and the amount of voltage used in the country you are going to.

A Travel Adapter to Use Your Devices on The Go

Adapters vs. transformers

Adapters may be confused with transformers and many people think they are the same but the truth is that they are not the same. They are all different and have different functionalities and they can’t be used in place of the other.

An adapter has different plugs to match different outlets. An adapter can be used to charge several devices as it has several ports and you can even charge different devices at the same time. With an adapter you will charge from whatever socket though it does not convert the voltage

A transformer on the other h and as the name suggests it is used to transform voltage. This is especially important if you have a charger that uses a different voltage than the area requirement. In the modern age however the devices have been made with a multi-voltage functionality such that you don’t need a transformer especially for laptops.


There are many adapters in the market that you can get to best suit your needs. It is however important to have all the facts that you need on the country you are going to make sure that you have the right adapter. It is advisable to get an all in one adapter that can serve you many functions at the same time. It is better to get an adapter that has several ports so that you can easily charge several devices at the same time. There are some adapters that have a pin locking mechanism for secure plugin. Adapters are available in many electrical stores including online stores. Good thing is there are user reviews that can also help you in making an informed choice. With an adapter low battery is no longer a threat.