Top 3 Free Software to Keep Your Privacy Online

Deep packet inspection in Hawaii isn’t the only security worry computer users must have. It’s true, the internet is full of dangers and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your private information private. However, when you go online, anyone and anything could compromise your privacy without you even realizing it but there are ways to protect yourself. What are the top 3 free software to keep your privacy online?

Private Tunnel

This is one of the top free software options to choose today. Now, this might be VPN but it is really one great option to consider when you want to keep your privacy online. Private Tunnel allows a free service for surfing the web. You will get to choose from a variety of IP addresses which can hide your real identity and access whatever you want. However, this isn’t the sole purpose of VPN or Private Tunnel but rather help keep you safe when you are using the internet. It’s like end point protection software.

Personal privacyFree OTFE

This is an unusual but impressive software to consider. If you are worried about deep packet inspection in Hawaii then Free OTFE might be a good option to consider. This will help to keep your privacy online no matter what because it encrypts your files and applications. Encrypting files can be so important and help keep the data private even when you are online. The program might not be exactly like the end point protection software but it’s still going to offer a good alternative.

Hotspot Shield

This software has vastly become an excellent option to consider. Hotspot Shield does what it says really, it will allow you to be protected when you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. All of your data, even when surfing online, will be encrypted but it means it’s kept safe. This is one really great way to help keep you protected while using the web. Deep packet inspection tools may not be able to get past this program but it can vary.

Why Should You Use These?

• Data Encryption (
• Safe When Using The Web
• You Get Privacy While Surfing The Web

To be honest, millions of people aren’t really sure if they can get total privacy when they surf the web and it can be difficult. However, it isn’t impossible and if you are able to use the right tools then you should be able to keep yourself safe online along with your data. This is why more and more people today are choosing the top 3 software programs to help keep them safe while they go online. Deep packet inspection in Hawaii may still happen but you will be safe.check this website now!


Stay Safe Online

When you surf the web, it will be important to remain safe no matter what. You don’t want anyone to be able to see your private information and you want to feel safe. It’s an awful feeling when you believe someone is spying on you and if you are worried, why not consider choosing a good free software program to help keep you safe? There may be no guarantees but you may be saved from a Deep Packet Inspection that compromises your safety online.